BARGAIN shop Poundland is launching blue and red passport covers ahead of Brexit.

The British passport used to be dark blue with the lion and the unicorn royal coat of arms embossed in gold, but it had to change to the EU’s burgundy model in 1988.

Passport covers Poundland
Poundland has started selling blue and red passport covers ahead of Brexit

But following a campaign by The Sun, it will be returning to the old, iconic design after we leave the EU in the end of March 2019.

Those who cannot wait that long, or those who’d like to continue with the burgundy colour, Poundland’s got you both covered.

Its new blue passport cover is labelled as Great Britain and Northern Ireland only, while the traditional red cover also includes the EU and it comes with the tag line “Still proud to be European”.

Both covers are available in Poundland stores already and they’ll set you back £1 each.

They’re part of the budget retailer’s new travel range, which also includes essentials such as flip flops and sunscreen.

Mark Pym, Poundland’s marketing controller, said: “Whether you’re a Europhile or a Europhobe, Poundland’s got you covered.”

If you don’t mind waiting for the real deal, blue passports will start being issued in October this year.

Yet you’re still not guaranteed one as it depends on the timing of production by manufacturers, according to the Home Office.

From 2020 all those renewing or applying for a passport will automatically get one in blue.

Poundland’s products often divide opinion among shoppers. Last week, its Mother’s Day cards were branded “savage” by shoppers.

Meanwhile, its “gift of nothing” Valentine’s Day present was slammed for “pointless” packaging waste.

And earlier this year, the retailer’s “bling” engagement rings were called the “best idea ever”.

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